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Sanjay Shiv Khanna





Believe in yourself
You will move Mountains


Is the numerical analysis of the blue print of the most important person in life;


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About my Passion...

My passion and purpose in life is to help people find their true purpose. I believe it is a gift from above to serve people.

I am grateful to have been taught and guided by an Astro Numerologist, a well-known Guru in India, who saw my inborn gift of Numerology and trained me meticulously in the Science of Numerology, as his own son.

Under the guidance of the Almighty and via my inborn gift of numerology, I am able to serve and help others live happy and fulfilling lives.


What is Numerology...

The Science of Numerology

Numerology is the study of numbers, which influence your destiny. Achieve success in all your areas of life. With the magic of your lucky days and lucky numbers, make miraculous changes in your day to day life problems.

I am professionally practicing Numerology for over 22 years exclusively with my clients helping them mend their lives with the help of the Almighty and my knowledge of numbers and it's remedies.


Learn From Me...

"We begin the greatest journey of our life at the moment of our birth.

As we go through Life we encounter a number of roadblocks, potholes, and Difficulties.


is one way to remove those road blocks and potholes by consulting the numbers in our date of birth; one can navigate through life fearlessly and achieve immense success, happiness, and peace of mind."

For a 1 hour reading of your personal chart which includes your lucky numbers, lucky colors and lucky days of the week.

Contact Sanjay at 310-926-5442

I believe I am sent to this planet by the Superior Power to help and serve humanity through divine knowledge of numbers which can reveal the hidden future of any person


 The Path Spiritual

Learning Center

with gifts, books, and classes

800 Torrance Blvd. Ste 102

Redondo Beach, CA 90277



What People Say...




Dear Sanjay,

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out by guiding me on the right date and time for driving test based on your knowledge of numerology. Whenever I need sound counsel you are always there for me.

I want you to know that I took your opinions to heart, and have followed through on your suggestions and indeed cleared the driving test. Thank you for your generosity.


Candice Gawne

My Benefits from Numerology

With his extensive knowledge of Numerology, Sanjay has helped me in my work and home life. Because of Sanjay's desire to help people, he has given me remedies to aid me through difficulties. I am grateful for Sanjay's guidance.


Rosa M. Perez

I want to thank you for sharing your gift with me , and all the others who will benefit from discovering what their numbers will reveal. It's been a great year and I thank you for the suggested remedies and mantras. I am now experiencing the magic of numerology in my life as I more aware of how certain days of the week or dates may favor major decisions I need to make. Again, I am truly grateful to you for dedicating your life to helping others, and for introducing numerology into my life. I look forward to getting my chart done again for the coming year


Laura Quintanilla


I’ve always been a firm believer in numerology and the power of numbers, its  is an important part of astrology that uses numbers to determine a persons life. In a nutshell it’s like a numerical  forecast. If you’re looking for a major change “ready to pivot” your life and move up to the next level of your “one life that you have on this earth,” then Sanjay Khanna is your to go numerologist, for a consultation(s).

Sanjay has made a difference in my life, which is why I now refer all my family, friends and business partners to him.


I’ve had several phone consultations with Sanjay  and all of his readings were at point where he actually tells the core  issues and the corresponding solutions.  


Sanjay’s  predictions  were on spot on and again my life has Pivot at a much higher vibration after I’ve completed his remedies. 


Most recently, I moved and with his help of location n numbers.  I found the perfect home for me. 


The move was so effortless, with all the right people, it all came to fruition.


I’m so grateful for my peaceful life and my health is in alignment as my much as my bank account. 


 Most recently we finally met in person when the opportunity came up and I’m very impressed by his authenticity.


 He conducts Numerology for betterment of society and not for his own needs.


Less House 

More Home


Home is not a place it’s a feeling !


Forever grateful,


Begin discovering your Purpose in Life Today
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